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Monday, 24 May 2021 00:21

Quick guide for getting noticed on Matrimonial Websites & Dating Apps

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If there is that one major factor that guarantees your chance of getting noticed online matrimony profile, it is your profile photograph, a well-shot headshot. Your headshot is your first impression and the deciding factor for you to get noticed or ignored. Once a first impression is made, it is very hard to change that perception of you. A good set of profile pictures communicates a lot about your personality and your seriousness in a relationship.

Psychologists say it takes about a tenth of a second to form an impression about the person we meet!

No wonder First Impression is the Best Impression

Most people are put off by poor quality photos that are

  • low in resolution
  • grainy/noisy and taken in dull light.
  • having very old photographs in your profile.
  • not having enough variations in your pictures used in your profile
  • photos that don’t really represent who you are (your intro text says something which does not match your picture portfolio)

Read on to know more on how to go about creating an online profile that gets you the most responses from people you are most compatible with.

It does not matter if you are listing your profile on a traditional matrimonial site or dating service here are some basic pointers relevant to any mode of finding a partner be it

  • Matrimonial Websites
  • Dating Apps
  • The traditional way of sending printed photos to prospecting partners.
  • Or even if you are just working on your social media profile

You will need more than one photograph for your profile, Having more photos means any person visiting your profile(s) spends more time looking at you before moving on to reading about you.

Yes, People most likely will see your pictures before reading about you, also it is essential that your pictures feel like a letdown or convey something different from your profile description.

Your Photographs need to match what you say about yourself in your profile.

That is why we approach our matrimonials shoots with some small talk about you & what you do for a living, hobbies and our shoot plans include some customisation with simple props and/or posing to bring your own personal touch in your portfolio of images.

The first & foremost thing that gets you noticed is your headshot/profile photo. Avoid a picture that goes into your passport, and try to get noticed by 

  • Creatively using shadows that can highlight/shape your best features and make you look more attractive. (avoid passport photo studios and work/look for with a photographer who has a decent collection of light modifiers)
  • Keeping the background simple. Profile pictures are small and simple elegant ones work the best. Also, slight posing changes are required depending on which half (right or left) of the screen the pictures is going to be displayed.

Use Multiple photographs that showcase your personality

A great way to enhance your credibility and attractiveness will be to include multiple varied photographs in your profile along with your headshot. These variations showcase your personality. For example, if you are an avid runner, remember to include a photograph that shows you running or you at the finish line.

Some must-have images are

  • A full-length portrait (have a prop to avoid the frame looking empty) and to give a fair estimate of your height.
  • Several medium shots, preferably in a few different outfits to give a fair idea of your style & personality.
  • Full-length images will offer very little area for your features (especially face) to stand out. Do include a prop to give a scale of your height/build.

Good light is the key

Not everyone wants a photographer and have a shoot to create a profile, one can try taking your own pictures (tripod and a camera or a friend). Some simple tips that work wonders.

  • Good bright light results in clearer images that are less noisy/grainy. On the other hand, midday sun will be too overpowering and make you squint.
  • Cloudy days a blessing in the sense you get diffused light for the most part of the day.
  • Soft Diffused light.
    • Stand closer to a large window, a thin curtain / white sheet can act as a diffuser.
    • Early morning/evening light is warm (has more reds) and give a nice feel to your pictures.

Keep an eye on the background

Remember you are the focus of the photograph, hence it helps to shoot at locations where you have soothing surroundings such as nature (a park, a bed of flowers, a beach). Remember to keep it simple - shoot with uncluttered backgrounds such as a wall, foliage or even the sky (remember where the light is coming from if you want the sky as your background .. it is best when light is at an angle to you instead of it being directly behind you)

Simple Posing Tips

  • Smile, Look Confident, Keep it simple
    • The best way to radiate confidence is to make sure you wear a dress that fits you well.
    • Pick the clothes that have won you compliments from your family and friends and plan to take multiple profile photographs for your matrimony profile in different sets.
    • Have a balanced mix of formal & semi-formal attire for your profile. Also, watch out for your poise, do not slouch/haunch your back.
    • Also, a smile speaks better than a thousand words, hence SMILE. 
  • Know Your Good Side
    • Yes!! we all have a good side and a not so flattering one, so try and figure which is your best side. Avoid looking posing dead straight while looking into a camera and instead, try to angle yourself towards the side you look best.
  • Keep your hand occupied
    • The most difficult part when it comes to posing, a simple tip is to avoid keeping it rigid and curl it up a bit ... 

Also, do watch the following videos to help you more with posing

Last but not least do write a good intro about yourself. Do skip on some interesting points for your special person to discover when you meet in person.

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