Your Safety is a PRIORITY !!

Our Studio space is utilised for both services provided by "Artriva Studios" and is hired by 3rd parties (Photographers, production houses, brands etc).

As a client \ model etc you have certain rights,

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  • Have a safe working environment.
  • Work within your comfort zone. (Nobody has the right to coerce / intimidate you / force you etc)
  • If this is not the work you signed up for, you have the right to walk away. As a practice ask for the mood-board over email with artist/team you are working/going to work with. 
  • You have the right to change your decision. You might be liable for financial loses (if you had signed/verbally agreed/agreed over message) to a binding agreement and later back out from the promised deliverables) but we can help defuse a potential argument now.
  • If you had had a bad experience in the past, do let us know. It will at least help us to blacklist such persons/entitles from using our facilities (your identity will not be revealed. But, we may share identities of the perpetrator(s) with other similar service providers) 
  • Grant limited control over how your images are going to be used. Read up on Model Release for more information
  • Right against exploitation. You were called for an e-commerce/SM shoot but images are going to be used for branding. Many are unaware of the intricacies but some use this as a loophole to exploit/avoid higher wages. It always helps to have written communication (emails/messages etc). We are building currently building a mini repository for release forms that can be of use. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. 

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