Matrimonial Portfolio Packages

The most important phase of selecting a life partner begins with your Matrimonial Photographs. Your Matrimonial Portfolio makes the first impression for both your partner and his/her family. Hence your Matrimonial Profile Photograph is undoubtedly your best shot for a good first impression. Your Matrimonial portfolio demands that you have the most presentable Body Language, Expression, Posture expected by families. Our Photographers can fine tune your portfolio pictures and help you pose to make a lasting first impression on your prospective life partner. 


Price Starting ₹1,599/-

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  • Studio Shoot : Yes
  • Outdoor Shoot : No
  • Duration : 20 minutes - 1 hour
  • Look / Costumes Changes : 1
  • Costumes Provided : No
  • Photographs Delivered : 3 to 5
  • Hard Copies : Yes, charged extra
  • Makeup : Optional, starting
    ₹2,280 for basic Makeup (No Hair)


Price starting ₹ 3,499/-

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  • Studio Shoot : Yes
  • Outdoor Shoot : Optional
  • Duration : 1 - 3 hrs
  • Look / Costumes Changes : 2+
  • Costumes Provided : No
  • Photographs Delivered : 10 to 15
  • Hard Copies : Yes, included
  • Makeup : Optional, starting
    ₹4,290 per look (Makeup + Hair)


Prices starting ₹ 9,499/-

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  • Studio Shoot : Yes
  • Outdoor Shoot : Yes
  • Duration : upto 4 hours
  • Look / Costumes Changes : 3 to 5 
  • Photographs Delivered : 15+
  • Hard Copies : Yes
  • Makeup/Hair : Included
  • Concept & Planning : Yes,
    for concept, costume, location

Note :
When you are considering having a portfolio shot, it helps for you to have a fair idea of how you want your photographs to be and who would be seeing your photographs  

  • A prospective life partner / family of a prospective life partner 
  • Candid / Traditional poses
  • Activity / Hobby that you want to show off

We offer a free in person consultation with our photographer  with our
PLUS & CUSTOMISED plans to better understand your requirements.

Our PortfolioTips for a great Matrimonial Profile

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We do know from experience that no two clients have the same set of requirements, and hence the packages we offer is specific to match your budget & requirements. Costs are dependant on a number of factors and not just limited to dates of your event (early bookings generally get you a better deal), the size of our expert team covering your events, services that you choose, the type & number of prints / albums that you choose, location of your events, number of sub-events and timelines of deliveries etc..