Safety rules are your best tools


Health log to keep you safe.

This form is to keep a CONTACT-FREE log of your basic vitals and contact details to alert you if we suspect anyone in the team has come in contact with the COVID-19 virus around the time of your visit.


  • This form is to be filled by everyone entering the premises of "Artriva Studios", repeated for every 2-3hrs of stay & before leaving the premises for the day.
  • Temperatures are to be entered in Degree Celcius.
  • Wear a fresh facemask before every entry into the studio premises (this is to avoid contamination of the studio premises)
  • Facemasks with respirators are not allowed as they do not do a good job of blocking droplets while you breathe out air.
  • SpO2 readings are additionally taken to detect asymptomatic infections (note: there could be other reasons for low oxygen saturation, when in doubt we would be passing on the readings to a qualified medical professional for interpretation)
  • If you suspect that you have made an error, please fill-up the form again.
  • You could be denied entry into the premises for safety purposes, we would rather err to be on the safer side than to put others at risk.
  • Do take a moment to read Guidelines for working inside our photography studios.
  • Note: Some fields are auto-populated for logged in users (you can sign up/login using Facebook / Google)

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