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We are Experts in Photography, Web Design, Brand Styling and Social Media Strategy having worked with businesses in creating powerful first impressions and infuse aesthetics with a more defined approach.

Whether you are looking for a unique look in for your business to stand out in the industry - we are the perfect choice for creating beautifully styled branding & product photography for e-commerce,  social media marketing, or just stationery design. We help bring a fresh perspective and loads of creativity to showcase you to the world. 

Our team of photographers come from diverse backgrounds such as printing, web development, media / film making, marketing etc. It is our ability to bring together this collective domain knowledge in creating various themes and story telling into our work is what sets us apart from our competition. 

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From Photography, web design, brand styling and social media strategy, Artriva has worked with both small and large businesses to create powerful first impressions and infuse their aesthetics with a more defined approach.

Whether you are looking for a unique look for your business to stand out in your industry, beautifully styled brand photography for your product, social media marketing, or even a great stationary design - We bring a fresh perspective and loads of creativity to the table. 

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The Artriva Advantage

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Photography Studio

Artriva Studio,is one of the most spacious and well equipped photography studios available for hire in Bangalore. A preferred choice for many photographers for fashion shoots, portrait Photography, e-commerce photography 

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Best Equipment

Studio Lights, Modifiers, Seamless Backdrops, Triggers, Tethered Shooting, Backup Power !! You name it, we'll have it. Our studio is always being equipped with more equipment, props and other necessities for a shoot. We can even help you source something that you don't have on hand. We are also currently stocking props for more common shoots such as Family Shoots, Baby Photography,  

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Hassle free Booking

You can now book / rent our studio directly from our website. You can also can make an advance payment using debit/credit cards, Netbanking, UPI, PayTM, PhonePe, Tez etc.
You can also book our renowned photographers for any events such as Weddings, Corporate, Sport etc. Our photographers are an excellent choice for Pre Wedding Photography, Baby / Newborn Photography etc.
You can also opt get notified to be alerted if a previously blocked slot becomes available.   

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Dedicated Workplaces

We do have a dedicated work area with a high speed internet connection in the studio for people to comfortably work, be you or an assistant reviewing the Photographs, Taking Backups, Uploading to social media etc.

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Not Sure How to use Studio Lights ? 

Just bring your Camera & lens. We will help you with the Lighting Setup and other Studio equipment...

Want to learn advanced Studio Lighting ? Explore our Photography Workshops or post your questions here.  

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Our fully equipped photography studio is available for hire, details of studio dimensions, facilities & equipment can be found here

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