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Studio Rentals

We have one of the best studio  available for hire in Bangalore  and is the preferred choice for Fashion  & Short Videos.

With all equipment included in our Rental Packages you can be assured the rental prices you see is more likely what you pay.

For availability check our - Online Service Booking Page.

Photography Workshops

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we have closed Online Registrations for our offline workshops.

Workshops/classes are currently on a "ON-Demand" basis.

For more details:
Leave us a message / Call us on +91.98861-56696.

Work Opportunities

We do have recurring requirements for Models, MUA/H, Stylists, Art directors on a freelance basis. Please do leave your details under the "Careers & Business Opportunities section on our Contact Us page.

Your profiles will only be shared with prospective clients.
We do not take any commission/fee.