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Upcoming Photography Workshops

photography courses near me
photography courses near me
photography courses near me

Photography Workshops for Beginners & Amateurs

Photography is more than fun, it is powerful tool of expression. Mastery over your skills, camera and the fundamentals of photography is essential to effectively communicate through your photographs.

Get to know the basic & advanced controls of your camera & it's capabilities and hands-on experience of capturing images under a range of different conditions

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We have opened our Photography Discussion Forum for all. Post your questions & get them answered from our Mentors.

Workshops for Advanced Amateurs & Professionals

photography courses near me

Photography is an art of observation, It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

  • Be able to Conceive, Conceptualize & Execute Photo Shoots
  • Learn to get the right Expressions, Emotions & Moods
  • Learn the importance and usage of light to create Expressive and Impressive photographs
  • Learn the business aspects
  • Practice what you learn (you will plan & execute your own shoot
  • Learn at your own convenience (Weekend Course)

NOTE : This is an advanced course and will require some understanding of basics and working with a camera. Though the basic topics are covered, its more of a overview to make further understanding easier.

Details will be announced soon

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