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One of Bengaluru's  well equipped Photography and spacious Studio space available for rent. Air-Conditioned, quiet surroundings, excellent support and close to Metro Stations.
Need something not listed in our equipment list? We can source it for you from our rental partners in less than 30 minutes based on availability.
You can also carry your own equipment / we can arrange additional equipment (as per vendor rates)

UPDATE: We have upgraded the lights in Studio-A with the newer and better ELC500 (for FAST Recycle times along with features such as HSS, TTL & a wider range of power settings)
Currently HSS/TTL trigger is only available for CANON, (HS triggers for other brands will be added based on demand)
Manuals: ELC-500 , HS-Trigger

Current Stock of Backdrop Colours (Studio-A)

All inclusive pricing - What you see is what you pay

This is a space for photographers for photographers. We like to keep prices simple and avoid hidden costs and hence an all inclusive pricing model, irrespective of the duration of booking or equipment usage. We believe this helps focus more on your creativity.

Need something more? Don't find something on our catalogue Just ask as, we'll happily to source it for you.

We have very competitive pricing for Production houses where we can also provide Assistants/DOP/Photographer(s) as the need may be and simplify your production process.

NOTE: We do have tie-ups with leading rental houses and can source almost any equipment available for hire.

Only Reasonable Exclusions:

  • Damages to seamless paper which is pro-rated based on the length (beyond 3feet for every 7hrs of booking at Floor-A, actuals for Floor-B)
  • You can use the provided acrylic sheet to avoid damages.
  • Nominal cleaning charges (for unsegregated waste, excessive littering, volume of waste generated is much more than what the bins (3 nos) we provide can contain).
  • Damages to any of the equipment/property.
Our studio floors are located in a well developed part of Bengaluru, opposite to a small park making it very easy to find parking for multiple cars. The greenery that you find around dampens most of the ambient noises except for chirping of the hundreds of birds that fly by and sometimes rest in the trees opposite to our studio. We also have wide open common areas where your team can discuss/take a break while the shoots can progress being undisturbed.

Floor - A

Studio Floor-A stands for being the best at providing the best Studio rental experience in terms of functionality of the space or having reliable and a wide range of equipment for almost all use case scenarios.

We have now upgraded Studio-A with the latest ELC-500 lights from Elinchrom.

With this you can now freeze action as fast as 1/8000s or dial down power to as low as 1/10th of a stop (7W/s to  be precise) and just not just that you can experience recycle times that allow you to use continuous shutter at lower more practical power settings.

Floor - B

Studio Floor-B or is specifically created for niche requirements where standard specs of Floor-A may not be suitable or while working on limited resources.

Photographing large groups (>8 to 10pax), Dancers, Exercise/Yoga are some classic examples where the standard 9ft width of backdrops fall short and hence Studio-B while having a limited range of equipment provides something extra not available in the same price range.

Going forward Economical & Practical will be the mantra for Floor-B as we go forward

  • ELC-500 x 4Nos
  • HS Trigger for Cannon (Other brands being added)
  • Full range of light modifiers & Props
  • Lights for video (Optional)
  • Close to 900sqft of Airconditioned space
  • Over 12 Background Colour Options in 9ft width
  • Frx400 x2nos ; MasterRX x1Nos
  • EL Skyport Trigger (Universal)
  • Strip, Octa, Beauty Dish, Reflectors, Grids
  • Boom Stands, and basic posing props
  • Close to 550sqft of usable space
  • 3 Background Colour Options at 12 ft Seamless Backdrops

All inclusive rentals for Studio Floor-A

Floor-A is aimed for experienced creative professionals with handy access to creative tools to bring ideas & visions to reality.

We can also provide you with either a basic assistant to help you out or an experienced lighting assistant/photographer for critical work or when you need some assistance during your shoot (**Chargeable Extra)

Air Conditioned

Super fast Setup

Power Backup

Fast Wifi

Pay by the Hour

1,299 1,699
1,533/-hr including GST @18%

  • Available on Weekdays
  • Equipment Included
  • Assistance for Initial Setup
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops

Book for a Day

7,899 10,099
9,321/- for 8(shoot)+1(buffer) hrs incl GST

  • Available on Weekdays & Weekends
  • Equipment Included
  • Assistance for Initial Setup
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops

Extend your Shoot

1,099 1,699
1,297/hr beyond 9hrs including GST

  • Based on Availability
  • Upto max 15hrs or Midnight
  • Discount for Multi-day bookings
  • Call/Whatsapp: 9886156696
  • What are the Dimensions of Studio-A ?

    Studio-A can be setup in multiple configurations like

  • What is included in the Rental Charges and How do I book the studio ?
  • Are there any exclusions in the Studio Rental ?
  • Is parking available at the studio ?

All inclusive rentals for Studio Floor-B

Floor-B is for budget sensitive projects with a smaller more practical set of requirements.

We can also provide you with either a basic assistant to help you out or an experienced lighting assistant/photographer for critical work or when you need some assistance during your shoot (**Chargeable)


12feet Backdrops

Shoot large groups

Fast Wifi

Half Day (4hrs)

3,199 4,000 3,775/- including GST @18%

  • 10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm
  • Equipment Included
  • Assistance for Initial Setup
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops
  • Early Start (Mornings)
  • Extend (evenings)

Book for a Day (7hrs)

5,249 7,000 6,194/- including GST @18%

  • Available on Weekdays & Weekends
  • Equipment Included
  • Assistance for Initial Setup
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops
  • Pick Start/End Time
  • Extend if required

Extend your Shoot

749 900
884/- per additional hr including GST @18%

  • Based on Availability
  • Upto max 11hrs or 9pm
  • Bulk discount if > 4days in a month
  • Discount if booked with Studio-A
  • Call for extended bookings
  • Call/Whatsapp: 9886156696
  • How do I book the studio ?

    • Booking can be done online or by calling us on 98861-56696.
    • Bookings are confirmed on making a token advance on a first come first serve basis

  • Do I get any buffer time for makeup/packup ?


  • Rails: 12x16ft, 4 rails, 8 pantographs - full movement. Additional Stands available
  • Backdrops: Seamless Paper (9ft width) at no extra charge (damages payable)
  • Lights: Elinchrom (FRX400 x2, MasterRX x2), manual strobes(x2)
  • Modifiers: 66x66cm, 50x130cm, 135 octa, snoot, reflector with grids and barn doors, umbrella, beauty dish with grid (call us for complete list and quantities)
  • Power Backup: Yes, for lights


  • Air Conditioning: yes
  • Total Space: > 2000sqft (studio, storage, pantry etc)
  • Studio Floor: > 800sqft of reconfigurable space
  • Max Length: 32ft Max Width: 16ft (for shooting)
  • Changing Area: Yes, with full length mirror
  • Makeup Area: Yes, with full length mirror with warm, cool/daylight

Miscellaneous Information

  • Parking: yes, the street can accommodate 10's enough vehicles
  • Basement Parking: Yes, for moving High Value Items/Products (1 car)
  • Cleaning Charges: ₹500/- for Littering/unsegregated waste disposal
  • Noise Levels: Low, as studio is situated away from main road(s) 
  • Studio Location:  2nd Floor, No Elevator
  • Pantry area: Shaded area available on terrace
  • First time working with Studio Lights ?
  • Total cost of production hard to estimate ?
  • Do you need additional support for your shoots ?
  • Finding it hard to manage the entire production ?

We follow a no-compete policy and an assistant is provided to help you get started in the shortest possible time. Unlike our competition our studio rentals include the full set of lighting equipment & accessories listed on our website when you hire our studio.

Production houses & brands can also outsource the production which will be executed strictly as per the mood-board, the post-production can be undertaken by us/raw rata can be transferred to you during/immediately after the shoot.

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