The Artriva Advantage

Save time, Shoot More

Our Photography Studio has a custom made Ceiling Rail system that can support upto 8 lights at a time without any mess of cables or stands on the ground. The rails & Pantographs together forms a comprehensive lighting suspension solution for all situations.

  • .The rails system is fairly simple to use even first time users
  • First time users have been able to setup and start shooting in about 15 minutes.
  • In general you can save upto 1 hour during the course of a 5 hour shoot, compared to using floor stands   
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Spacious Studio

The studio floor is spacious (28x31 ft) Studio.  To give you an idea, this is sufficient enough for you to have several feet of separation between the backdrop and your model while still shooting full length at about 135mm focal length. For product shoots you can have multiple parallel setups (2 - 4) 

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Well Equipped

Limited by what yo get when you book other studios ? Never make a compromise on your shoot. We try our best to support you in every possible way. We are adding new equipment, props etc almost every week. Just give us a call, we would be happy to arrange it for you.

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We understand the effort that goes behind having a shoot. Hence we recheck every equipment on a regular basis and keep standby equipment on hand. we have a generous 3.5Kva UPS system that can have a shoot going even with a power failure for a whole day. Forget to get something, just ask ask us, we generally would have it or arrange it for you in the shortest possible time

studio for rent

Additional Work Space

We have a semi private work area (enough hold a meeting with about 5 people) or 3 to comfortably work. Spare workstations with the latest software is also available. Review your shots instantly / Have a retoucher work or use it as an additional makeup area. The best part the layout is planned such that the photographer can see what is going on but still closed so as to not interfere with the shoot.