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It is the ability of a photographer to capture an image that evokes an emotion, capturing those instant moments in life to create an emotional response in the mind of the viewer is just a part of what makes our team of photographers the best.

We now have two studio floors:
  • Floor-A continues to one of the best studio floors for personal & commercial photography and has the widest range of equipment and light modifiers and backdrops for the widest range of creative possibilities.
  • Floor-B is a slightly scaled down version situated at the ground level and has extra wide seamless paper backdrops for group shots and for subjects who find it difficult to reach our other floor. (Floor-A situated on the 2nd Floor)
Please mention the floor preference at the time of booking an appointment.

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Contact us for Portfolio, eCommerce, Catalogue Shoots and other commercial shoots.


Check our Portrait packages for Corporate Headshots, Matrimonial Portfolios, Family Portraits etc.,


Contact us for Product, eCommerce, Food, Jewellery or any other commerccial photography services.
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We follow a no-compete policy and an assistant is provided to help you get started in the shortest possible time. Unlike our competition our studio rentals include the full set of lighting equipment & accessories listed on our website when you hire our studio.

Production houses & brands can also outsource the production which will be executed strictly as per the mood-board, the post-production can be undertaken by us/raw rata can be transferred to you during/immediately after the shoot.

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Our fully equipped photography studio is available for hire, details of studio dimensions, facilities & equipment can be found here

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