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Saturday, 02 May 2020 02:50

Now use your Canon dSLR as a webcam

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With the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns across the globe virtual meetings and gatherings have become the new norm, resulting in a huge surge in demand for webcams and prices several times the MRP/MSRP. With the lockdown also brought much of our photography business to a standstill, the biggest pinch we felt was the lack of a webcam (i do remember having a decades-old, low-resolution webcam somewhere with the broken mount - hence the "somewhere bit")

We did manage a while with workarounds using 3rd party software and a screen-capture of onscreen live-view video from my cameras(DSLRs)

All this changed by this awesome announcement by Cannon

The launch of its EOS webcam Utility (*Currently in Beta though) 

The EOS Webcam Utility is a software solution which connects your EOS CANON camera to a computer running Windows / MacOS operating systems computer.

Note the software is still in Beta and currently, the prosumer & high-end models are listed as supported. Once you have downloaded the software and configured your camera the camera you are ready to stream within your video conferencing applications.

Supported models


  • I have tested my Canon EOS-70d and it works so do check this driver/software even if your camera model is not officially supported.
  • Have personally tested the software worked with ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet inside a browser (*will be updating this list)
    • Zoom does seem to be buggy at times though
  • Skype DOS NOT seem to be supported through.
  • Have also noticed Canon Cameras not being detected in Adobe Character Animator
  • Canon Website does mention this beta software is for use in the U.S. and will not be supported outside the region

Usage Instructions

  • You have no control on exposure settings inside your "webcam"
  • make sure you set your video settings/exposure - preferably in manual mode before connecting your camera to your computer.
  • you will not be able to change your exposure settings once connected (directly at least - will be testing workarounds for this and updating this post if something is possible)
  • Some models may have restrictions (thermal issues) on as to how long the sensor can work in live mode without overheating (would request readers with low/mid-range cameras to share their experience in the comments section below)
  • To avoid overheating of your camera sensor avoid extended usage 

So What's stopping you? head over to the Canon-US website to download this utility


Select your camera model in the link above and download the utility from the corresponding Drivers & Downloads page

Make use of this thread for limited support with respect to this utility

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Using your Canon camera as a webcam CanonUSA
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