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Saturday, 02 May 2020 02:50

Now use your Canon dSLR as a webcam

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With the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns across the globe virtual meetings and gatherings have become the new norm, resulting in a huge surge in demand for webcams and prices several times the MRP/MSRP. With the lockdown also brought much of our photography business to a standstill, the biggest pinch we felt was the lack of a webcam (i do remember having a decades-old, low-resolution webcam somewhere with the broken mount - hence the "somewhere bit")

We did manage a while with workarounds using 3rd party software and a screen-capture of onscreen live-view video from my cameras(DSLRs)

All this changed by this awesome announcement by Cannon

The launch of its EOS webcam Utility  

The EOS Webcam Utility is a software solution which connects your EOS CANON camera to a computer running Windows / MacOS operating systems computer.

Note the software is still in Beta and currently, the prosumer & high-end models are listed as supported. Once you have downloaded the software and configured your camera the camera you are ready to stream within your video conferencing applications.

Supported models


  • Currently out of BETA, there is a stable release now.
  • The final release implements native detection of your camera as a computer's webcam which makes it compatible with almost any software now.
  • Models that were not in the initial list but still was able to make use of this new driver (like my old 70d)
  • Applications such as Skype, Adobe Character Animator and a few other applications that were dependent on cameras to be detected as a native webcam now work

Usage Instructions

  • You can adjust exposure (shutter, aperture, ISO) if you are in the video mode, for other modes(s) settings prior connecting to USB cable are applied.
  • Hence make sure you set your video settings/exposure - preferably in manual mode before connecting your camera to your computer.
  • Looks like the camera works at 1280x720p (on my 70d which has found use as my webcam). The choice is probably got to do with the fact this resolution should for the most part reduce overheating issues.
  • Do share your results from checking your camera - https://webcamtests.com/
  • Will be testing my 5dm4 later and share the results.
  • Looking for ways where I can make use of this driver for live-streaming high-quality video. do come back for more updates on that.

So What's stopping you? head over to the Canon-US website to download this utility


Select your camera model in the link above and download the utility from the corresponding Drivers & Downloads page

Make use of this thread for limited support with respect to this utility

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Using your Canon camera as a webcam CanonUSA
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