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Thursday, 03 January 2019 10:24

Perfect Professional Photo for your LinkedIn Profile

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Sample portfolio image for LinkedIn and other job sites Sample portfolio image for LinkedIn and other job sites

Just like your job interview where the first impression you give a recruiter matters the most, your profile picture on LinkedIn is what catches the eye of a prospective employer. Your professional profile photo is an integral part of your LinkedIn or any other Job site profile and, along with your employment history and credentials markets you as a strong prospective employee for employers.

Why does having a professional photo on LinkedIn matter so much?

  • Prospective Employers do judge you for your professionalism & commitment by your appearance.
  • It's a natural instinct and a subconscious connection is made when one sees your profile photograph (profiles without a picture do tend to get ignored).
  • It is an integral part of your professional history and a prospective employer would be imagining how his/her brand / organization will be represented.
  • It also keeps focus on what you have to offer professionally.

How to pick a Perfect Professional Photo?

  • Pick a Headshot: Profile Photos are typically small (400x400 pixels or less) and hence select a picture that covers your head and the top of your shoulders. Longer / full length photographs make your face look very small and you would miss out on a eye contact, also it makes it harder to recognize one at small image sizes.
  • Dress professionally: Since your profile exists to enhance your professional / business network make sure that your appearance and clothes are appropriate. For men this could typically be a formal shirt, tie and a blazer. Women do have a range of work attire that they can choose from, and it works best to pick something that your intended workplace demands.
  • Keep it simple: Keep your attire, makeup, accessories etc simple and not too flashy. Remember the focus is on you professionally. Also ensure that the backgrounds are simple, in cases where backgrounds are noisy it might to help to shoot with a wider aperture. Solid colours work well, but the best effect is obtained from professionally lit backgrounds / backdrops with a little gradient to accentuate you.
  • Select a Current Photo: You do not want to show how you looked at the kid. Remember prospective employers already have some idea of some demographic like the age group you might fall into while looking for prospective employees. It does help to have a photograph that is current (ideally no more than a few months to a couple of years old). Also a current photograph will help a prospective employer to instantly recognise and connect with you when you meet in person for the first time.
  • Ensure Visibility: Ensure that your face covers around 60% of the frame. Yes, the screen real estate is already small and you not want to be a small speck on the background. Be visible, but do not over do it by a very tight crop of your picture.
  • Consistency across your accounts: Yes, it is no secret that you do undergo a Background check. It is therefore essential you have similar photographs across your other social media accounts especially if you are nearing/in a phase of switching jobs.
  • Can I take a Selfie: Though sometimes can be sufficient if all of the above are met, we still would recommend taking one from a good phone/camera and have someone take a photograph you under good lighting conditions. 

Getting a Professional Photoshoot

If you can afford a professional photographer do hire one. Photographs shot in a professional studio environment are very sharp and easily stand out among images, and this may be the best option if you are looking for a highly placed customer facing role in an organization. The end photos are also professionally corrected for any blemishes such as a loose strand of hair or thread in your garment.

Your Professional Photo need to be expensive. We have affordable plans for you

  • Set of 3 Professional Photos for LinkedIn costs you an hour of your time plus ₹999/- ONLY
  • Set of 10 Professional photos for all your social media accounts would set you back by a couple of hours and ₹2,499/- ONLY. This also includes upto three costume changes.

For more details do call us at +91.98861-56696

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  • Comment Link Alexander C V Monday, 02 September 2019 23:35 posted by Alexander C V

    Are you there in bangalore ?looking for a professional for a profile pic

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