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Thursday, 06 May 2021 15:53

Photo Print & Framing (COVID - SERVICE)

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We have been receiving regular enquiries for "Photo Print & Framing", and we have been unable to service these requests with almost all commercial printers out of operation most people are reaching dead-ends. Desperation is such that I have now given away the frames that I had to use as photography props for my photoshoots. 

This post is an announcement of limited printing services at our Studio & a collection of links to some printers that are operational. 

NOTE: Printing is NOT OUR CORE BUSINESS, and our printing capability/capacity has just been to validate our workflow for colour matching. This post will be continuously updated with more links (if traffic is more) and updates if any to our printing Capacities.

The recommended route is ordering from Online Photo Printing Services. Do order at the earliest as they currently have lead times of around 7 working days (time from you placing an order to the photo frame being delivered to you)

  • https://www.photojaanic.com/   
    • They ship their orders from Goa (Expect faster delivers for Mumbai, Goa, North Karnataka)
    • They are a dedicated Photo printing Company and have a few high-quality options
  • https://printo.in/categories/photo-frames 
    • They do operate from multiple cities and have a larger physical presence
    • Locations with physical presence have same-day delivery (needs to be verified)
    • Safe to assume pickup of orders will be affected as physical stores will be closed during lockdown
    • Have left a message with their support team, reply awaited
  • We are trying to reach out to the above providers and many more and validating the following
    • That they are in operation during the time of lockdown/restrictions
    • asking them of typical delivery times (checking if web support teams are active and responsive)
    • asking them if they can also do expedited delivery
    • This is still a work in progress and will be continually updated (till such time covid curbs are relaxed / fall in demand 

We can currently service limited to people who are located very close to our studio and to people in Bangalore (Subject to availability of 3rd party services like Dunzo or customer pickup at our studio). Whatsapp 98861-56696

I am trying to keep a limited stock (20 frames (10nos 4x6 with an inset making the whole frame look bigger PLUS another 10nos of a simple 5x6 frame), paper for  up to 50 prints )

Cost approx ~250 for this trial run, Based on the number of prints I send out will try to get more stock and optimise the pricing a bit.


  • Will try to keep this page updated as much as possible.
  • If you do know of a better option, do free to leave a comment (I will also update the article with your links after some basic checks)
  • You can reach out to me over WhatsApp us on +91.98861-56696
  • While ordering prints upload images to any website directly or send them by email ... AVOID using images forwarded/sent/received over Whatsapp as they are of a very low resolution
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