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Saturday, 01 December 2018 05:20

Basic photography workshop in Bangalore

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  • This is a weekend workshop conducted over two days covering technical, artistic and post-processing aspects of photography
  • Open for everyone i.e. beginners, amateurs and even advanced amateurs
  • No pre-requisites except for having a camera in hand to better understand the concepts

The Photography Workshop is designed for photographers of all levels. The workshop is intensive in nature and caters to those who seek more information, and includes an open discussions.

This two day course in Bangalore is for everybody looking for a introduction to the fascinating world of photography. Join professional photographer Sukla Chinnappa & Avinash Chinchalkar as they share secrets and insights into how to make photographs that captivate and amaze. Get real-world advice to help make the most of your camera. This is a class which will fundamentally change the way you see. This is a class about getting inspired, learning new things, working through burnout, and getting back to the part of photography that was fun and attracted you in the first place: looking and seeing.

You will also learn basic concepts of photography, such as exposure, depth-of-field, composition guidelines and how to use your flash effectively. You will have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills in our Studio. With a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on shooting exercises, this course will make you feel confident and have complete control over your digital camera. In-depth review and discussion sessions are held to help you remember all the information that you get from this workshop.

  • Composition: Learn the fine points of effective compositions — finding effective compositions, using lenses effectively; seeking the best perspective; texture, color, point of view; knowing zones of sharpness; selective focus; and the rule of thirds. This will also make you think like an artist. From trying to take pictures, learn to make photographs. Learn some of the fine points from painters and others, who use visual elements to compose beautiful imagery.

  •  Master Exposure: Learn how to make a great exposure and reduce guesswork. Learn to shoot your camera on Manual Mode and recognise the need for exposure compensation. Learn about middle-tones; exposing for all tonalities — grey, black, and white, understand histograms and using them effectively.

  • Maximising the Digital Potential: Learn colour management, post-processing methods to improve the brightness, contrast, and white balance of your image. Learn to use tools like levels, noise reduction etc. Handling RAW files

  • Photography in Practice: Learn what it takes to push your photography to the next level and keep it going. You will learn behind-the-scenes information on what it takes to publish your work, work for magazines like National Geographic and most of all, doing photography with a purpose.

  • Practice : Spend few hours shooting in the studio and put your technical & artistic skills to test.

Most of all, this workshop is intended to inspire you and change the way you look at photography forever.

NOTE : Unlike other workshops we only take 10 or less participants per Workshop hence Register Soon

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