Simple Studio Rentals pricing in Namma Bengaluru.

Studio Rentals + Photography Lights + Video Lights + Light Modifiers + Seamless Backdrops (ALL INCLUSIVE)

Our spacious Air Conditioned Photography Studio is conveniently situated in South Bengaluru  accessible from multiple Metro Stations ( South End Circle, Jayanagar 4th Block, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road, Banashankari ). Our Photography Studios is one of the most spacious in Bangalore with about 900 sqft of Air Conditioned floor space available in the shooting area with an additional 1,000 sqft for pantry, storage, prepping and other operations. We also have a terrace suitable for natural light photography. The studio is located in a calm neighbourhood and though not 100% sound proof, is reconfigurable for use for video recording too.

All Inclusive  Studio Rentals

Pay by the Hour

@ ₹1,313/hr. +gst (Weekdays)

@ ₹1,550/hr. +gst (Weekends)

(min 2 hour commitment)

  • Bookings available upto 7 days in advance.
  • Available on weekdays (weekends - limited availability)
  • Equipment - Included
  • Assistance for initial setup (upto 20mins)
  • Props - Included
  • Seamless Paper Backdrop Paper (use, but all damages chargable)

Book for a day (8Hrs)

@ ₹8,000/hr. +gst (Weekdays)

@ ₹8,989/hr. +gst (Weekends & Holidays)

  • Bookings available upto 7 days in advance.
  • Priority Booking on weekday/weekends
  • Equipment - Included
  • Assistance for initial setup (upto 120mins)
  • Props - Included
  • Seamless Paper Backdrop Paper (damage upto 3ft from edge)

Extend your Shoot (beyond 8hrs)

@ ₹1,099/hr. +gst (after 8am)

@ ₹1,550/hr. +gst (beyond 8pm)

  • Based on Availability
  • Extend Shoot based on availability.
  • Equipment - Included
  • rent duration upto a max 15hrs / midnight
  • Props - Included
  • Seamless Paper Backdrop Paper 
  • Bookings are confirmed on a payment of an advance booking fee only.
  • All consumables such as photocopies, printouts, Seamless paper are chargeable for use beyond fair usage/damage  (3ft for every 8hrs of booking) 
  • Damage / Wastage of Seamless Paper Backdrop is chargeable (Approx ₹1,000/- per meter + taxes at applicable rates). ONLY IN CASES OF DAMAGE (tearing, soiling)
  • You are hence requested to use the transparent acrylic sheet where possible along with clean/new pair of footwear
  • Please maintain general cleanliness. Excessive littering & bookings involving more than 12 guests will be charged a cleaning fee of ₹590/-
  • Lighting assistant beyond allowed time is chargeable @ 499+GST/hour
  • Rescheduling/Cancellation charges applicable. refer our policies for more details

For queries drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp +91.98861-56696 or call (080)-68-444-564

Air Conditioned

Powerful 2-ton inverter AC to cool the space quickly and quit operation once cool to keep on during video shoots 

High Speed Internet

In fact we have high speed optical fiber connections from two service providers with low latency for online streaming.

Power Backup

A large 3.5kva UPS capable of powering the lights and in the event of a power cut.

Complete control over light

Cut out all light sources (external and internal) completely to get perfect blacks in your shots/footage when required.

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