Comprehensive Website AMC Services

Artiva provides reliable and hassle free web maintenance AMC services, making it possible to keep your website running reliably, up to date,  and professional.

Our website maintenance and server management service plans are comprehensive and covers all of your web support needs. Our  maintenance and support service plans are suitable for both small businesses with small websites and large organizations with multiple websites with continuous need for updates.

Note : We also support you in deploying and managing a wide range of Open Source applications for project management, CMS, CRMs, ERP, HRMS, etc. 

Website Maintenance Services Company
Essential Plans - Starts as low as ₹175/month
Business Plans - Starts as low as ₹600/month
Enterprise Plans - Customisablle plans starts at ₹4,166/month

We are proficient in

  • Creating & Maintaining Websites
  • Online / Digital Marketing
  • Various flavours of Linux

We can help you with

  • Monitoring your Domain and associated services
  • Take corrective actions when required
  • Maintain your Server & Underlying Software

Our Technical Partner 

Our Technical Partner

Unique Partnership  -  Unique Experience

Artriva Studios and ITeniX are the creative and technical arms of Beacon Solutions, Bangalore. While Artriva has a strong team of Creative Professionals, ITeniX is backed by a strong team proficient in various cloud technologies. The synergy from a single parent concern allows for our clients to experience the unique benefit of having both Creative and Technical Support while interacting with a single vendor.

No More Hassle of Coordination between Creative & Technical teams 

Beacon SolutionsITeniX

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