Special Services for accurate colour reproduction.

With the variations in displays (monitors, phones, tv etc), cameras, printers and software each supporting a different colour gamut it is often to find on colours varying significantly on different media.

We now have a equipment like Colour chart (for calibrating/creating a colour profile of camera), Calibration tool (Colorimeter to calibrate monitor), a monitor capable of displaying 99% AdobeRGB (which is a wider gamut than sRGB which is the default web colour standard. additionally AdobeRGB covers colours from the CMYK (print) profile that cannot be displayed by the sRGB profile).

This means that we can capture images with which you get the maximum amount of accurate colour information (for prints). Additionally we also deliver images that confirm to the sRGB standard which are necessary to display your pictures on the web.

We have a fair technical understanding how we derived our workflow and constantly try to optimise it and hence are open to changes to fit into your existing workflow / suggest changes that can optimise the spent to get the colours right so that we can focus more on the creative aspects of photography too.

Some of our work for various artists.

Artist: Srikala Gangi Reddy.

you can see more of Srikala's work at here

Artist: Deekshitha

Deekshitha is a student and this set was documented to be part of her college application.

Artist: Ankitha

Ankitha is a student and this set was to document her work.

Colourspace reduced to sRGB(web) profile at 60 compression to provide a fair amount of accuracy and resolution reduced to avoid copying of images.
You can request a viewing at the studio only (images will no be sent by email/whatsapp)