Memorable Family & Kids Portraits

We create classic portraits of playful poses and candid moments of your child in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that will bring out their natural joy and energy.

Children's portraits should be more than just pictures on a wall
They should capture the magic of childhood, reminding us of the joy, wonder, and innocence that is all too fleeting.
Let us help you capture those precious moments and create a lasting legacy that your family will treasure for generations

Our Portfolio

Customised Concept Shoots

We believe in each shoot being unique.
Share your idea with our Lead Photographer, Sukla Chinnappa.

If you have something really special in mind
We will customise & theme your shoot according to your dreams.

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Capture your journey with your loved ones through their stages of growth.  Our shoots are candid and capture your loved one's unique personality for you to remember for years to come.

NOTE: Each session is unique & duration of shoot varies slightly for your comfort to create a range of beautiful & personalised images.


₹8,850/- inclusive of GST 

Now at ₹ 5,790 +GST

Additional 15% Discount applicable if all members are above 7years of age (i.e. ₹4,922 +GST)

Schedule Online
  • Studio Shoot: Yes, at our studio
  • Outdoor Shoot: No
  • Duration: 60 - 90 mins
  • Look Costumes Changes: Max 2
  • Props: Minimal
  • Photographs Delivered : 15 (full res)
  • Additional Images : @350/image
  • Hard Copies : No (full res soft copies only)
  • Makeup: No
  • Mood-board: No


₹17,700/- inclusive of GST 

Now at ₹ 12,360 +GST

Additional 15% Discount applicable if all members are above 7years of age (i.e. ₹10,505 +GST)

Call us on: +91.98861-56696
  • Studio Shoot: Yes, at our studio
  • Outdoor Shoot: No
  • Duration: 150 - 180 mins
  • Look Costumes Changes: Max 5
  • Props: Basic Toys/books
  • Photographs Delivered : 30 (full res)
  • Additional Images : @300/image
  • Hard Copies : Yes, starting ₹35/- per print (min 10)
  • Makeup: Optional, starting 3,750/-
  • Mood-board: Yes, Basic

SIGNATURE & On Location

Fully Customised Plan Starting ₹ 14,290 +gst

For older kids / kids comfortable with posing

Actual price based on Props/Location/Styling

Let us plan everything
  • Studio Shoot: Yes (our or any 3rd party location)
  • Outdoor Shoot: Yes, optional
  • Duration: upto 4hrs
  • Look Costumes Changes: as discussed
  • Props: Our / rental / location's collection
  • Photographs Delivered : 30 (full res)
  • Location/Prop Charges: At actuals
  • Makeup: Optional, starting 7,750/-
  • Mood-board: Yes, Detailed planning

Frequently Asked Questions

We also cover Baby Shower, Birthday Parties & Other Events

Our Photography prices are based on the number of days / events that you need us to cover, number of photographers and any additional services that you may need. We cover the the event until completion and do not schedule two events in close succession. In fact we do generally have a standby photographer to cover any eventualities.

We do know from experience that no two clients have the same set of requirements. The package offered offered to is is specific to your requirements. The costs are dependant on a number of factors including the dates of your event (booking us early also allows us to optimise costs and offer you a good deal in return), the size of our expert team, number of prints / type of album that you choose, duration of the shoot, number of sub-events and timelines of deliveries etc.