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Comprehensive Photography Packages by Artriva

We provide comprehensive Photography Packages for Portraiture, Maternity, Baby, Pre-Wedding & Modelling Portfolios. Our Packages depend whether the Photo Session will be held in an Indoor or Outdoor location(s), the number of looks and the final number of images delivered to you. 

We offer a free in person consultation with our photographer along with our PLUS & CUSTOMISED plans to better understand your requirements.


  • Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have a "Per-Photo Pricing" model
  • We believe that your photos & memories are for you to keep, and hence deliver all the good/acceptable images created during your shoot.
  • We even do basic post on all the images delivered to you. Detailed Post Production would be done on the agreed number as per the package you have chosen. 

Weddings, Birthdays, Parties & Other Events

Wedding photography prices are based on the number of days / events that you need us to be there for you. We DO NOT charge by the hour or have a limited number of shoot hours for a given day / event.
We do know from experience that no two clients have the same set of requirements. The packages are offered is specific to your time and requirements. The costs are dependant on a number of factors including the dates of your event (booking us early also allows us to optimise costs and offer you a good deal in return), the size of our expert team, services that you choose, duration of the shoot, number of sub-events and timelines of deliveries etc..

Not Sure How to use Studio Lights ? 

Just bring your Camera & lens. We will help you with the Lighting Setup and other Studio equipment...

Want to learn advanced Studio Lighting ? Explore our Photography Workshops or post your questions here.  

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