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Why Choose Us ?

  • Comfortable Environment
  • 100% Privacy. Exclusively for your use
  • We are always ready to help
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Reconfigurable work areas

Ideal for Blogshops

We have all the equipment you need like Garment Steamers, Clothes Rack, private changing areas, etc. We know that commissioning a shoot on a fixed tight budget is tough, hence you save the cost of sourcing extra equipment when you book with us. We can help you with a wide range of Seamless Colour Paper Backdrops that can go with almost any theme that you can think of.

Reconfigurable & Comfortable Work Areas

Does your team post-process as you shoot ?
Do conduct a Photography Workshops ?
Need space to prep Garments for a eCommerce Shoot ?

We have additional reconfigurable space that meets all your needs.

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Not Sure How to use Studio Lights ? 

Just bring your Camera & lens. We will help you with the Lighting Setup and other Studio equipment...

Want to learn advanced Studio Lighting ? Explore our Photography Workshops or post your questions here.  

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