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When to do a Baby Shoot ?

The perfect age for newborn photography is approximately around 7-14 (with a normal birth weight of 2.4 - 5kg) during this period your baby's joints are still soft and can be safely posed in some of the classic positions.

The Preferred time for the shoot

The best time is when they are sleeping. It is easier as most babies tend to sleep most of the time in the initial few days after birth. As babies get older they start to develop their senses and tend to wake up easily when moved / posed. 

Is it Safe ?

Babies need to be handled with a lot of care. Each baby is unique and as they get older some poses may not be appropriate. We also need to take into account if they are awake / sleeping / duration passed after their last feeding etc. We need to remember that the baby comes first, a photography session can be redone and need to take the basic care the baby needs.

The Poses

Newborn babies loves to be cozy and warm, and they love to curled up and naturally pose in a dream like state. Hence most of the posing will be variations to allow the baby to be in  a natural curled up positions with slight posing adjustments which does not cause any stress to your newborn.  

When to Schedule a Maternity Shoot ?

Some of pictures you saw above were just before the wonderful new mom left to the hospital for delivery. Each pregnancy is different and hence talk to your gynecologist about the expected delivery date and plan two to three weeks prior your due delivery date, and restrictions on movement if any. 

Choosing a location

We believing in giving every new mother something unique to remember the wonderful journey to motherhood. We have photographed mothers  at their homes and even a hill top location which required a short trek. Each person is unique and will only allow what is safe.  

Planning the shoot

We now offer a free consultation to plan a shot. You can request to recreate some of the best images or ideas or have us come up with a theme specially you.

Being Safe

Remember to be safe and plan ahead. Though photographs at the last month of pregnancy do turn out the best, we suggest to err on the safer side and plan in advance. We will definitely try our best to accommodate you at a earlier date without any extra charges.