Photography Studio & Equipment for Rent

Air Conditioned - Well Equipped - Affordable

 Affordable Air Conditioned Studio for hire with all the essential equipment like Studio lights, Softbox, Octa, beauty dish, grids, seamless paper backdrops, triggers etc already included in our rental package.

Check availability & make a bookings online. Be assured of confirmed bookings everytime. 

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Do you need to rent a photography studio in Bangalore?

Our Air Conditioned Photography Studio is available on rent and is conveniently situated in South Bengaluru. Our Studio is easily accessible from multiple Metro Stations ( South End Circle, Jayanagar 4th Block, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road, Banashankari ). Our Photography Studios is one of the most spacious in Bangalore with about 900 sqft of Air Conditioned floor space available in the shooting area with an additional 1,000 sqft for pantry, storage, prepping and other operations. We also have a terrace suitable for natural light photography.

All Inclusive Rentals - No Hidden Charges

PAY By The Hour

@Just ₹1,099/- Per Hour

₹931 (Rent) + 168 (18% GST)

  • Minimum 2 hrs of booking
  • Extend shoot based on availability
  • Equipment - INCLUDED
  • Available on Weekdays 
  • Props - INCLUDED
  • Limited availability on weekends


8 hours @ ₹7,490/- ONLY

Rent@ ₹793/hr * 8hrs = ₹6,347 + 1,143 (18% GST)

  • Pick your Start & End time
  • Extend shoot as required (Exclusive Booking)
  • Equipment Rental - INCLUDED
  • Lighting / Setup assistant upto 2 hours
  • Props - INCLUDED
  • Priority bookings for all days of the week

Extended Timings

upto 12 HouRS @ ₹10,990/- ONLY

Lowest Rent 776/hr * 12hrs = 9,313 + 1,676 (18% GST)

  • Calculated in 30 minute increments 
  • Lighting / Setup assistant for upto 4 hours free
  • Equipment Rental - INCLUDED 
  • Start as early as 8 a.m. (max upto 10:30p.m)
  • Props - INCLUDED
  • Priority bookings for all days of the week

Note :

  • Use of Seamless Paper is already included in the Rental Package along with the equipment listed below & A.C.
  • Damage / Wastage of Seamless Paper Backdrop is chargeable (Approx ₹1,000/- per meter + taxes at applicable rates). ONLY IN CASES OF DAMAGE (tearing, soiling in large areas)
  • Please maintain general cleanliness. Excessive littering & bookings involving more than 12 guests will be charged a cleaning fee of ₹590/- (500+18%GST) 


Air Conditioned

Inverter Technology based Air Conditioner for more comfort. Maintains a more even  temperature


High Speed Internet

High speed Fiber Optic Internet connection with symmetric Upload & Download speeds.


Power Backup

A large sized UPS to power all lighting equipment for over 24 hours.


Black Out

black-out of all ambient/natural light. Excellent for shooting products or making use of Modelling Light 


  • Elinchrom MasterRX 400  (2nos) 
  • Elinchrom FRX 400  (2nos)
  • EL Skyport Transmitter Plus (2nos)
  • Elinchrom Rotalux Stripbox 50cm x 130cm (2 nos) 
  • Rotalux Octabox 135 cm (1 nos)  (with dual diffusers)
  • Snoot with Grid + set of gels (2 nos) 
  •  Reflectors (2nos) with grids (30deg, 20deg, 12Deg, 8Deg) and barn door (2nos)
  •  Beauty Dish (1 nos) with Grid, diffusers
  • Softbox (66cm x 66cm) (2 nos)
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops in multiple colours (call us for the latest list)
  • Green Chroma Screen and Simpex Video Lights
  • Custom Roof Mounted Rails with Pantograph System (12 ft x 16 ft Coverage) which can support 8 independent studio lights
  • Transparent Acrylic Sheet (3.5ft x 6ft)
  • Step Ladder, Steam Iron, Tripods & Additional Light Stands (if required)
  • Dedicated WiFi router + Lan for Client use (included)
  • Music System to play music if required
  • Photocopying / B&W Printing facility (upto 10 A4 sheets)
  • Battery / UPS backup for lights & working area (Backup time in excess of 24 hours for equipment)

NOTE: Consumables (like Paper etc) are charged for use beyond fair limits.

We do offer discounts for bulk bookings (16+ hrs in a month) and photography workshops. For Pricing or for any other queries kindly drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on +91.9886156696

Not Sure How to use Studio Lights ? 

Just bring your Camera & lens. We will help you with the Lighting Setup and other Studio equipment...

Want to learn advanced Studio Lighting ? Explore our Photography Workshops or post your questions here.  

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