A Four Day Intensive Workshop On Basics Of Lighting, Studio Lighting, Planning & Execution Of Your Shoot, Post Production, Photography As A Business 

Intended For

  • Photographers looking to enhance their Skills
  • Professionals wanting to enhance their skills
  • Photographers wanting to better understand controlling light

You Will Be Able to

  • Have a better understanding of Natural & Artificial Light
  • Make the best use of the equipment you have
  • Plan & execute your photoshoots
  • Post Process your Photographs
  • Better price your Photography Services 

The Mentors

Raksha Rajkumar

Fashion Photographer, Founder DreamDigitalisers

Raksha Rajkumar is a Creative Fashion Photographer, Art Director and a Certified Associate Digital Marketing, having a degree in Animation & Visual Effects. She has also worked in Mumbai under renowned photographers like Rafique Sayed. She went on to start her own company Dream Digitalizers. Raksha in her career has also worked with many brands such as 20Dresses, Aroma Treasures, and many more, both in India and the United States of America .

Sukla Chinnappa

Photographer, Founder, Artriva Studios

Sukla Chinnappa is a self taught versatile photographer with experience in shooting candid, products, sport, wildlife, fashion etc. With his background in Embedded Systems & Web Design he has a strong understanding of the internal workings of the modern day Digital Cameras and Upcoming Technologies. Sukla is also the official photographer for many Sporting Events in Bangalore and also works for other internationals companies such as Marathon photos. 

Course Schedule and Syllabus

Morning Session (09:00 a.m - 12:45 p.M)

  • Selecting your Best Photographs
  • Including Lightroom / Photoshop in your workflow
  • Non-Destructive Editing (the benefits) 
  • Concepts & Technicalities of RAW Files, Layers, Masks, Alpha/Transparency etc
  • Quick overview into different File Formats, Colour Profiles, Plugins, Brushes etc.
  • Basic Tools of Photoshop (Marquee, Lasso and other selection tools), Refining edges
  • Colour Correction, Adjustment Layers etc
  • Using the Cloning, Patching, Content Aware Fills etc  

AfterNoon Session (02:00 p.m - 05:00 p.m)

  • Analysing your image & planning your steps 
  • Basic Processing in RAW, Spot healing etc.
  • Plan & execute your photoshoots
  • Post Process your Photographs
  • Better price your Photography Services 

NOTE : Our Courses / Mentors are not promoted / sponsored by any OEM, and we do try to adapt the course narrative to be applicable to the most commonly used software and the equipment available. Hence we do not stress the use of a particular brand of hardware or software,  but rather give you the required know how to make an informed decisions.