Artriva now conducts photography workshops (Studio Lighting for Portraits & Fashion Photography),on a regular basis are require models on a regular basis.

  • TF & Paid opportunities for models. You can also connect with new photographers build a portfolio with pictures from the workshop.
  • Basic posing experience would be an advantage (beginners, part time models & full time professional models)
  • We value your time and would try our best to have some remuneration for every assignment.
  • We would be more than willing to have a shoot to create something new, so do please feel free and leave us a message with the concept you have in mind / want to add to your portfolio.
  • Photos from TF will be used on our Website, Social Media Pages, and in our course content. You will also have full rights for the use of the images.
  • We have a regular requirements for Models. To be intimated of work opportunities & to be listed on our internal portal (visible only to our verified clients) click here.