Walk n Click (Studio Tryout)


Welcome WnC'ers,

We will be selecting the lucky clickers in the 1st week of December ... So Hurry 

PS : If you are not among the lucky 2, not to worry there are still 10 slots up for grabs in the coming months. 


We plan to have a even mix of beginners and experienced / professional photographers from Walk n Click. Provide a link to your work.

Both categories have a equal mix to win as we will be having 2 winners every month.

Entering this form before 30th November 2017 entitles you be eligible to get a chance of free slot in the next 6 months.

  • First time working with Studio Lights ?
  • Total cost of production hard to estimate ?
  • Do you need additional support for your shoots ?
  • Finding it hard to manage the entire production ?

We follow a no-compete policy and an assistant is provided to help you get started in the shortest possible time. Unlike our competition our studio rentals include the full set of lighting equipment & accessories listed on our website when you hire our studio.

Production houses & brands can also outsource the production which will be executed strictly as per the mood-board, the post-production can be undertaken by us/raw rata can be transferred to you during/immediately after the shoot.

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Our fully equipped photography studio is available for hire, details of studio dimensions, facilities & equipment can be found here

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Open a support ticket and we will take care of the rest   

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