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One of Bengaluru's  well equipped Photography and spacious Studio space available for rent. Air-Conditioned, quiet surroundings, excellent support and close to Metro Stations.
Need something not listed in our equipment list? We can source it for you from our rental partners in less than 30 minutes based on availability.
You can also carry your own equipment / we can arrange additional equipment (as per vendor rates)

UPDATE: We have upgraded the lights in Studio-A with the newer and better ELC500 (for FAST Recycle times along with features such as HSS, TTL & a wider range of power settings)
Currently HSS/TTL trigger is only available for CANON, (HS triggers for other brands will be added based on demand)
Manuals: ELC-500 , HS-Trigger

Current Stock of Backdrop Colours (Studio-A)

Studio-B is now Available for Hire

At Artriva Studios, we've always strived to keep your shoots productive and have tried to keep a wide range of equipment to help you bring out creative best.

Studio-B in short has the very same lights you earlier used in our main studio floor but with a more practical & limited set of accessories to keep production costs economical.

We always believe in providing something extra, and hence Studio-B comes with extra wide backdrops for creating wider shots (think extra large group photos (families/teams), musical bands (a drumkit and space for other performers) , yoga poses etc). All the things, that you just wished to have a little bit more space for.

Unique Features.

  • 12ft Wide Seamless Backdrops
  • Reliable Elinchrom Lights
  • Affordable
  • Situated at Ground/Road Level


  • Black, White & Gray Backdrop options
  • >17ft wide x 32ft length (>550sqft space)
  • Equipment included in rentals
  • 3 Lights, and wide range of modifiers
Elinchrom - FRX400-2Nos, MasterRX-1No, 50x130 Strip Lights - 2 Nos, 135 Octa - 1Nos (with Grid), 1 Snoot (gel & grid set), 21cm Reflector with grid set (8, 12, 20 & 30 Degrees) and barn door,  44cm Reflector with grid, diffuser and baffles.

Half Day/4 Hours (morning/afternoon slot)

3,199/- /4hrs +GST

  • Additional hours at 749/hr
  • 4 Hours (either morning/afternoon slot) (copy)
  • Basic Setup support included
  • Full time Lighting Assistant/Basic assistant chargable

Full Day / 7 Hours

5,249/- for 7hrs +GST

  • Additional hours at ₹749/hr
  • 7 Hours (extendable upto 12hrs max)
  • Basic Setup support included
  • Full time Lighting Assistant/Basic assistant chargable

Need Something more ??

Studio-A is our PRO-Studio space with a wider range of equipment, space & amenities

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